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AkersFlock Rouens


AkersFlock Bantam Indian game

Indian Game

AkersFlock Calls Apricot

Calls – Apricot

AkersFlock Golden Sebright

Golden Sebright Bantams

AkersFlock Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant

AkersFlock Indian Runner White

Indian Runners – White

AkersFlock Silver Appleyards Bantams

Silver Appleyard Bantams

AkersFlock Pekin


AkersFlock Indian Runners Fawn and White

Indian Runners – Fawn and White

AkersFlock Calls Normal 2018 VWA Spectacular Champian Call

Calls – Normal

AkersFlock Silkie Black

Silkie – Black

AkersFlock Bantam Light Sussex

Bantam Light Sussex

AkersFlock Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington

AkersFlock Black East Indian

Black East Indian

AkersFlock Indian Runners Black

Indian Runners – Black

AkersFlock Bantam Saxony

Bantam Saxony

AkersFlock Light Sussex

Light Sussex

AkersFlock Muscovy 2017 Royal Melbourne Champion Bird


AkersFlock Old Engligh Game

Old English Game

AkersFlock Silver Apppleyards

Silver Appleyards – Large

AkersFlock Calls White

Calls – White

AkersFlock Calls Blue Fawn

Calls – Blue Fawn

AkersFlock Silkie White

Silkie – White

AkersFlock Japanese Bantam

Japanese Bantam

AkersFlock Khaki Campbells

Khaki Campbells

AkersFlock Indian Runner Trout

Indian Runner – Trout

AkersFlock Mandarins



Breeding quality poultry and waterfowl for three generations.


Geoff: 03 5829 8478
Murray: 03 5829 8304

435 Victoria Rd
Tallygaroopna VIC 3634



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