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AkersFlock Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant

AkersFlock Mandarins


AkersFlock Calls Blue Fawn

Calls – Blue Fawn

AkersFlock Indian Runner Trout

Indian Runner – Trout

AkersFlock Bantam Indian game

Indian Game

AkersFlock Japanese Bantam

Japanese Bantam

AkersFlock Silkie White

Silkie – White

AkersFlock Muscovy 2017 Royal Melbourne Champion Bird


AkersFlock Bantam Light Sussex

Bantam Light Sussex

AkersFlock Khaki Campbells

Khaki Campbells

AkersFlock Bantam Saxony

Bantam Saxony

AkersFlock Rouens


AkersFlock Golden Sebright

Golden Sebright Bantams

AkersFlock Calls Normal 2018 VWA Spectacular Champian Call

Calls – Normal

AkersFlock Old Engligh Game

Old English Game

AkersFlock Calls White

Calls – White

AkersFlock Black East Indian

Black East Indian

AkersFlock Silver Appleyards Bantams

Silver Appleyard Bantams

AkersFlock Indian Runners Fawn and White

Indian Runners – Fawn and White

AkersFlock Silkie Black

Silkie – Black

AkersFlock Pekin


AkersFlock Light Sussex

Light Sussex

AkersFlock Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington

AkersFlock Indian Runners Black

Indian Runners – Black

AkersFlock Indian Runner White

Indian Runners – White

AkersFlock Silver Apppleyards

Silver Appleyards – Large

AkersFlock Calls Apricot

Calls – Apricot


Breeding quality poultry and waterfowl for three generations.


Geoff: 03 5829 8478
Murray: 03 5829 8304

435 Victoria Rd
Tallygaroopna VIC 3634



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